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The fox frowned, taking a step or two back and holding his head. “Wh-what….?” He seemed confused, and didn’t seem to recognize Roxas. “What happened? One minute I was back home… Making coffee, and now…” He glanced around. “Now I have no idea where I am.” He blinked, turning to look directly at Roxas.

“Ah… Mind telling me what exactly is going on?” He tilted his head, watching the younger boy before him with a sort of intensity.

Roxas couldn’t help the look of surprise that spread across his features as the man stopped mid-mission and seemed to be a completely different person. 

“You wanted me to help you kidnap a princess?” he offered, wondering if it would ring any bells. “You’re in Agrabah, in the palace.”

“K-kidnap?!” His eyes widened, and he shook his head. “Something serious must have happened….. Magic? A curse? Well whatever…” Shaking his head, he looked about. “You…. You can get us out of here right? I have no idea where I’m at.”

Roxas studied the man carefully, wondering what he was up to, but simply shrugged. While he no longer felt compelled to help him out, he also didn’t want to be caught by the guards nor to continue with their kidnapping of the princess. He nodded, opening a portal behind him into the Corridors of Darkness. He motioned the man towards it with a nod of his head, trying to keep quiet.