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» The Two in Twilight Town | Roxas and Xion



Roxas couldn’t help but smile at the girl, glad to see that she was interested in the town. He found that he quite liked sharing information.

“Oh, well there’s an arcade and a mall and parks. There’s normally something happening every month on Main Street and the movie theater just got remodeled,” he counted off on his fingers, eyes roaming to the ceiling as he tried to recall things to do. “I like to help out at the animal shelter and my mom’s kindergarden class from time to time, too, oh and the beach isn’t too far away.”  He smiled, always one who was quite fond of a day at the beach with his three friends.

“And, uh, I guess the school’s like most?” Roxas wasn’t quite sure how to answer her question. High school had always been high school to him. The only difference between TV was the lack of random song-and-dance numbers and over-the-top improv-styled acting. “What can you expect?”

He stood quite for a moment, feeling the strange awkwardness before feeling compelled to offer, “But, you know, if they don’t give you some tour-buddy, I’ll show you around when before classes start.  Being a freshman last year was bad enough, but I guess at least I knew my classmates.

As she listened to his list of things to do, her mind wandered to the thought of actually being a part of such things. By the time she had been old enough to do things like go to the mall or movies with friends- she hadn’t lived near enough to any of them. She had mostly just had school for a social outlet- and occasionally went to classmates houses to have dinner- as well as the occasional slumber party. This place seemed much more fun. And helping out at the animal shelter- did that mean getting to hang out with dogs for fun? Because that sounded like her kind of volunteer work. But the real gem of his account was the beach. 

She hadn’t gone to the beach since she was young, but it was one of her fondest memories. Splashing in the waves, collecting shells, and building sand castles had made  that particular vacation perfect in her mind. “A beach! That sounds nice…” She tapered off from her beginning enthusiasm. It was probably silly to get so worked up over a beach after all. 

Rolling her eyes in jest, “I guess you are right- school’s school after all.” Xion fiddled with her headphones still slung behind her neck as their conversation grinded to a quiet halt. Truth be told, she had a million other questions but she didn’t want to be a nuisance- nor did she even know where to begin. For the first time in a while she felt invested in this new home, she really wanted this to be the place they could stay for awhile. 

Roxas finally broke the silence, and she brought her gaze back over to the boy. “Thanks… yeah, at my last school, my guide was a senior who ditched me to go plan some party. I was late to three of my classes.” She frowned as she remembered her not-so-great last first day which ended in her getting detention (which she ultimately got out of after bursting out into tears in the principles office). All in all, not one of her best days. She shrugged, “I’m used to being the new kid… maybe we’ll have some classes together!” She added brightly.

The blonde winced, knowing how bad it was just being a clueless freshman and missing only one class.  He felt a bit bad for her, wondering how many times she had changed schools.  He was particularly bad at making new friends on a normal basis, as he was the quiet kid that, more often than not, disapproved of his peer group in general.  He was grateful for his few friends and couldn’t imagine up and moving to a new school, especially not more than once.

"Hopefully. We have the block schedule set up, five class periods (including study hall) the first semester and a different five the second, so at least it’s not too many places to hunt down and then study for.  A lot better than the Junior High School, they had eight classes a day and by the end of it, I just wanted to sleep til dinner."  He shook his head with a half-chuckle before making his way out the door and past a mover to grab another box.