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» A Different Path



The blonde keyweilder raised an eyebrow at his elder but entered the portal without a word, glad to have Saix’s golden stare off his back for a bit. It unsettled him.

Upon arrival into the world, the boy realized he didn’t have much time to look around at the overwhelming structures, as his keyblade hummed a sense of warning.  He didn’t summon it, however, as he saw no Heartless and instead offered a backwards glance at Number XI. 

“So we just gather Hearts today?” he asked, eyes returning to scan the area.  He was told that the number of Heartless here was unlike any he’d faced in his earlier missions, and while he was confident, part of him was at unease about the type of Heartless.

“That is correct,” Marluxia assured his mission partner, coming to stand nearly beside the shorter male. “The Superior believes this a perfect opportunity to give Kingdom Hearts a jolt of Hearts. The mass of Heartless appearing here will be beneficial. Assuming they do not overwhelm you.”

He cast a glance at the blonde, unsure as of yet how much the Keyblader’s skills had improved since last they had worked together.

“I will keep the situation under control,” he chose to ensure the younger Nobody. “However, if anything should go wrong, your priority should be yourself. If things become too much to handle, use a portal to remove yourself from danger. If I am somehow lost, RTC and report back. Although that will not happen.. better to have a plan in place.

“Now,” he stated, turning his gaze forward. “Our destination is further along, at the gorge. We are passing through town, which will have far fewer Heartless for the time being, but will offer us a chance to stock up on items. If there is anything you need, I would suggest taking the time to get it now. You life could very well depend on it.”

Roxas nodded, taking in the information and going over his inventory in his mind. He only had a few potions, and made note to pick up a few before leaving town and heading towards their destination..

"Right," he agreed before heading onward in the indicated direction. At his side, his keyblade materialized in his hand with an audible ‘chink’, the boy keeping his eyes on the surrounding area for any signs of enemies.

"What kind of Heartless appear here?" he asked, wondering if he should stock up on ethers as well.