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Axel found himself coming to this bar quiet commonly as of late.

7th Heaven. 
He finally learned the name of. And the owner is Tifa Lockhart. It was about time he finally learned that info. He frequent this bar a lot now. But today, those names did not matter. They did not exist in his vocabulary. He had no need for them.

He sat at his usual place at the bar again. It didn’t matter that his brother wasn’t here and he was alone. He would make a god damn good time by himself. He chugged back the line of shots in front of him, feeling his chest burn worse with each shot. Only whiskey could cause such a burn. His face heated up as he quickly became hot. With the last shot, he cringed his face and took it all. Once swallowed, he released the breath he was holding, letting his tongue hang from his mouth while he slammed the last glass on the counter top. 

He was a on mission.
He wanted to have some god damn fun.  

That’s what happens when Axel get’s drunk. 

He doesn’t get drunk for a reason. He quit drinking for a reason. These poor people are about to witness why he isn’t allowed to drink.

Reasons why:

  • He wants to have fun.

—Fun of any sorts. Any kind. As long as he is entertained. His most favorite and commonly played are card games. Those are his favorites. But then again, he is normally with the group and playing card games with Luxord. 

  • He has no filter with his language and words.
  • He will be blunter than usually
  • He’s pervert.
  • And he gets horny as hell

—And oh god, when he eyes what he wants, he won’t stop til he gets them. There is no care about others.

Poor, poor, civilians that would be around the pyro over the next few days.

Holding the bar, Axel attempted to stand up from his seat, taking on the full effect of his alcohol consumption now. Swaying slightly next to his seat, he glanced over his right shoulder, smiling brightly as he noticed a familiar face coming through the door.

“Hiya!” He chirped happily, releasing his left hand from the bar, he raised it up in the air and waved to the person.

“Come dri-hiccup-nk with -hiccup-me! Whoaa—” He cried out as he fell sideways onto his bar stool. 

Running around the castle, Roxas was in a rather good mood as he jumped banisters and safety rails in search of his red-headed friend.  While he had told the man that he would be off on a mission for the whole day, the boy had been more than pleasantly surprised when his target tried and failed to ambush him within his first five minutes of stepping out of the Corridor.  It was surprisingly weak, especially to fire magic, which the boy had grown an affinity for with a little help from his pyro of a friend.

After asking a few clueless (or defiant) Dusks, Roxas finally managed some information out of them and learned that Axel had ended up in some place called 7th Heaven.  After another round of questions with the Dusk, the boy managed to get a portal to the bar.  

He stepped out of the Corridor to the smell of cigarettes and late-city, flinching at the sudden assault of bright neon signs showing that he was at the right place.  Hood up, he snuck past the two people conversing in the doorway, finding that he got bad vibes from them.

The moment he was past the doorway, he looked up and immediately spied the tale-tell blazing red, a bit confused that the man was already waving at him with a goofy grin and calling him over. He fell over in his booth and the blonde just stared in shock before making his way over, trying to avoid a few stares.

"So this is where you go when Xion and me are away on missions."  He stood next to the man, looking down to the red-head with a rather unamused expression.