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                Upon Roxas’ entering, the tawnet flashed an excited smile and shuffled back on the bed as if to make room for the other. The TV was on some random shopping channel that had had to do since he couldn’t find the remote without escaping his nest; and he wasn’t about to fall back asleep before he seeing what Roxas thought of his coffee. —Though he did kinda want to buy one of those Snuggies now..

“I’ve had mine,” A quick part in the covers showed his lap and the now-empty plate that once held his pancakes. And probably gave wind to the stains on Roxas’ shirt but he covered back up quick with an absent thought to apologise later. He then continued whilst holding his own cup to his lips and turning his attention back to the TV. The last thirty seconds of the ad before it repeated itself again. “—And I brought up your coffee, and Nami made pancakes for us so those are all yours.”

Iiii made the coffee,” He chirped whilst wrapping the covers around himself tighter, with such an air of confidence it evidenced he knew Roxas would love it. As if he had known the blond his whole life. In truth, the beverage was somewhat even too sweet for him after the fifth taste-test but he figured his friend would only appreciate the sweet change to his seemingly routine bitter drink for the mornings. How any body could inflict that upon themselves, he would never know. “Hope you like it!
       ”Hope you like it!” And his attention was back on the TV again. Now it was fancy jewelry~ 

Deep blue reflected the smile beneath them as Roxas made his way to the breakfast atop his desk.  Not wanting to disturb Sora’s nest (though he preferred flat surfaces anyways), the blonde sat in desk chair and picked up his mug.

"Thanks, Sora. You didn’t have to do that."  Though, his smile instantly faded when the steaming liquid met careful lips, his eyes widening in shock.  He managed not to spill the liquid as he pulled away, swallowing the odd combination of sugar, coffee, and coconut. He coughed, having gotten something down his throat in his shock, before turning to his friend with a wide-eyed confusion on his face.  "Sora, what did you put in that?”

He felt kind of bad right after the words left his mouth, realizing that he might have sounded rude, if not hurtful.  Unsure of how to redeem himself, he used his fork to wedge off a bite of his pancakes and plopped it in his mouth, a bit grateful that it covered the taste of coconut in the back of his throat.