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Aqua’s face fell when the boy didn’t understand

The cloaked boy’s resemblance to Ven was uncanny— he might as well have been his identical twin. His Light felt similar, familiar like Ven’s, but there was something undoubtedly off about this boy. She could not place what, or why, but there was just something that made him so different from Ven— and it was because of this that she found his resemblance so odd.

There has to be some sort of reason…

She dismissed her keyblade, hoping she didn’t frighten him too much. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, offering the boy a smile, hoping that he could see that she was not a threat. “You just… Look exactly like one of my best friends.” Aqua said, and while she managed to keep the sadness from her voice she could not keep it out of her eyes.

“I’m Aqua, by the way.” She said as she placed a hand over her heard in a calm, friendly gesture. She looked at the mansion lock and then back at the boy, and was about to ask if he lived here when she noticed the keyblade in his hand. How had she not seen it earlier? Perhaps she had been too caught up in his appearance. How did he have a keyblade though?

He would have had to inherited it— it was the only way she knew someone could obtain one. She ran through a list of people in her head— if Ven had ever woken up, he was not of Master rank, but even if he did train to become one the boy in front of her would surely know the name of his Master. That left Yen Sid, who was retired, the King and Terra. How much time had passed since she had left? Her head spun just thinking about it.

“How— who—” Aqua sighed, trying to figure out a better way to phrase her question. “You’re a keybearer?” It was all she could come up with that could encompass many answers at once. She didn’t want to bombard him with questions— she was always polite about such things even before the fiasco with Ven’s coma— and hoped that he would elaborate more without her prompting.

Blue eyes watched the woman closely, even as her keyblade vanished.  While this seemed to be a gesture of peace, he wasn’t sure how to handle outsiders, and left is in hand, though he did relax his stance a bit.

Her words slightly confused him, though something ran though his head, something that wanted to pry at that box of closed-off memories, or at least the box that contained the map to said memories. Still, the way that she looked at him with such a storm in her eyes, made something inside of him clench.  It only hurt slightly, but he couldn’t help but to wonder.

He suddenly noticed her eyes on his keyblade and wondered if he should have dismissed it. It seemed too late to do so now, and something still unnerved him, so he held onto it as he tried to figure out what she was asking.

"Um yeah? So are you?" He felt stupid for pointing out the obvious, but he wasn’t quite sure what she wanted him to say.