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“I hope so,” He replied with a sigh, looking out the window, “He only broke it because he knew I’d suffer from not being able to play her.” Tears formed in Myde’s eyes, shaking his head, “Wait… What did I just say…?” His eyes widened, realising that he’d been talking about his father and trying to think of an excuse, “I mean… He didn’t do it on purpose, He stepped on it by accident. C-Can you talk to the nurse for me, if she comes back in… my head is in a muddle.”

He seemed to start to panic, biting his lip and looking around the room, “Are there cameras in here? There aren’t, are there? I hate cameras… I don’t want them filming me while I’m drugged…”

The boy blinked at the sudden change in the atmosphere as something seemed to set off Myde.  He nodded his head, muttering that he’d talk to the nurse before wondering about the shaky and contradictory behavior.

“No, there aren’t. It’s kind of illegal to have them in rooms, especially without telling you. And it’s fine, I’m drugged too, and pantless. You can calm down, okay?”

He was certain that wasn’t the way to calm someone like that, but he wasn’t sure what else to say. He had been so used to Demyx being the chill one amongst a group that was supposedly unfeeling, so anxiety wasn’t something he was used to seeing.

He pulled his blanket up, staring at the boy in fear, which only multiplied as a lack of pants was mentioned. “Nurse! Nurse!” He yelled, trying to get out of the bed but failing, pressing the button repeatedly, “Help!” He looked at the door and then back at Roxas, then at the door again, “Help me!” Screams. They were basically screams coming from his lips, terrified.

The nurses rushed in, upping Myde’s morphine a little, assuming he was yelling because of the pain. They turned it up just enough to relax him, his eyes glossing over and staring at Roxas. “I don’t need more drugs…”

Roxas nearly jumped out of his wheelchair when the other patient suddenly called for the nurse and began screaming. The drugs made his pounding heart feel a little too harsh against his rib-cage  as if it wanted to pop, as the boy tried to wheel himself backwards in case the other had enough mobility to attack him.

He relaxed just a little when the nurses came running in and attended to the panicking boy, but the whole scene left him at a loss of words.  The nurses left, leaving a much calmer Myde, who Roxas eyed warily.

A few minutes later, another nurse walked in holding a pair of cargo shorts and wheeled Roxas behind a curtain before helping him get them on and showing him how to effectively use his chair.  She told him that Hayner was downstairs and that she would take him there if he liked.  Roxas declined, figuring he should learn now rather than lose a finger later.

Once she left, he managed to wheel himself around the curtain and towards Myde’s bed.  He didn’t come close, staying near the empty bed, but he looked up to the boy with an awkward pause.

"Hey, sorry if I said something to freak you out earlier. I’m heading home now. Hope you get better soon."  With that, he backed himself up before making his way slowly to the door, wondering if he should have let the nurse wheel him with drugs still in his system.