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» I want that one mommy



Roxas nodded at this information before taking two sheets of construction paper and lying them lengthwise to draw a long spout of flame along them with an orange crayon. Taking a red and yellow, he drew the different layers of the flames, blending and seperating in just the right places, producing something that looked far too similar to a real flame than a seven-year old boy should have produced.

The blonde seemed to have grown quieter as well, staring at the flame cautiously before slowly moving the paper to the dragon’s open mouth.  Taking another crayon, he began coloring in the outlined head and body, a small frown on his face as his eyes occasionally flickered to the flames.

“Something wrong kiddo?” Laguna asks as he watches the blonde stare at the flames. “Are the flames wrong?” Laguna stares at the flames noticing how lifelike they were. It was almost as if Roxas had seen them up close before. It was kinda eerie how realistic they looked.

Was that what bothered Roxas? “We can redraw them if you want.” He says not understanding the issue.

The adult’s voice snapped the child out of the haze of his mind and he looked up, realizing that he had been coloring over the same spot for a bit, having filled in the dragon’s head not too long ago.

He shook his head. “They’re … okay.” He scrunched his brow, looking at the page, before turning it over to work on the rest of the body. “I’ll turn it over when we’re done,” he stated simply before pointing to the outline tail while he filled in the body.  

"Have you ever met a dragon?" he asked after a while, his eyes seeming a bit reddened as he focused on the task in front of him.  They still stung with the ghost  of oncoming tears, but he managed to keep the water from building up, telling himself that big kids didn’t cry, not in front of people at least.