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“Nah, it’s just a stomach bug, probably one of those 24-hour things,” he waved off.  

A barista walked by then and asked for their orders. He ordered a cafe blanc with an extra shot of white chocolate and thanked her. Once Axel had given their orders, he adjusted himself in the warmth of the room.

“We haven’t hung out in a while so we were just going to walk around, shop for Christmas, eat lunch, normal things I guess. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d volunteer to go out into the cold by myself.” He chuckled a bit at his own weakness for the cold.

The redhead had looked over the menu and wasn’t exactly feeling adventurous at the moment so he just ordered a simple cup of straight black coffee and of course a hot chocolate for his little girl. He placed the small, fake leather booklet aside then brushed his daughter’s hair from her face. “Those 24 hour flu things can be nasty. I feel sorry for him. I certainly hope he feels better soon” Axel looked up and shared a friendly smile with the blond across the table from him.

“Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun filled day ahead of you. A shame it was cancelled but, better to stay home when one is sick so they heal up a bit faster. You boys will just have to reschedule.”

Sukiyo hummed to herself while drawing shapes with her fingers across the table top. Her eyes eventually came up to look at Roxas shyly and she blinked before smiling at him then catching something out of the corner of her eyes. The little gasped and jumped up in her father’s lap and pointed out the window. “DADDY! SNOW!!!”

Axel gasped and quickly grasped his little girl and held her still, “Yeah…” He choked softly. ‘That was a close call’ He thought to himself while bringing his knees together.

"Thanks," he nodded, "I’m sure he’ll be okay soon. And I still got to check out this place, and get my coffee."

Roxas returned the child’s smile before becoming startled by her sudden outburst, turning to look behind him at whatever it was that caught her attention.  

He smiled at her excitement, even though part of him was now dreading the cold, and soon-to-be icy walk back. He briefly thought about taking a cab.

"I take it you like the snow?" he asked, turning back to Sukiyo. "I used to make igloos when I was younger and have snowball fights."