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Axelle laughed warmly. “Well either we aren’t friends or I’m not as undeniably attractive as I thought. Way to knock me down a few pegs, Roxy.” She shook her head with a chuckle, grabbing another slice of pizza. 

“It’d be a good skill to have, being able to suss out murderers and the like. And you’re right, I’m not a killer. It’s too messy and I might break a nail.” She snorted at her own joke. “Seriously though, I can’t stomach seeing roadkill, I couldn’t off somebody.”

The redhead looked over the problems, absinthe green eyes scanning the page. “It looks about right to me, I say you’ve earned yourself a break.” She winked, giving the blonde a pat on the shoulder.

"Always happy to be of service," she replied with an amused grin. "And I’m happy to learn that my new tutor isn’t going to kill me."

The blonde munched on her pizza as she watched Axelle scan her work, half going over the problems again as she waited on her report.  She sighed in relief when she learned she hadn’t messed up again, feeling a bit more confident in her ability to do the rest. It made more sense now, even if the entire subject still managed to confuse her.

"The procrastinator in me says that’s a good idea. There’s not that many left if they all stay like that so I should be good, I think."  Roxy stretched her arms forward, back arching upward like a cat’s as her eyes squeezed shut.  She relaxed again, letting out her held breath before ocean eyes landed on the red-head.

"So?" she asked, expectantly, wondering if the woman had anything in mind. Normally, Roxy’s breaks consisted of video games, netflix, or reading assignments for other classes. She had yet to have a guest stay during her studying and leisure time, so she was a bit at a loss on what to do.