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"You and me both," Axel shrugged.  He looked around a bit, seeing nothing to keep his interest, before he looked back to Roxas,

"Want to get out of here and get some ice cream?  I doubt we’re going to be needed again today, might as well get out of here."

"Both for the heartless or the luck with the ice-cubes," he chuckled, knowing how easy the fire-sensitive heartless were for Axel.

"Heh, if Siax hits me with another mission today, it’s his loss," he shrugs, "and yeah, ice cream sounds like a plan."

» We Shouldn’t “Feel” Anything


This comment had been leaving the boy for the entire length of his 3-day mission.  Normally, recon only took a few hours in the world, and then another hour compiling all the notes in his room for a proper report.  While Roxas was used to the oddities he would find when visiting other worlds, this was the strangest yet.

When he first arrived, he had noted how similar it looked to the Nobodies’ world, only lit up and full of actual people going from the shops and down the roads instead of Heartless and the occasional Dusk on patrol.  There were buildings that seemed to reach towards the sky, vehicles traveling in-between but high above the ground.

It was difficult to get around by foot, but Roxas managed, having been allowed to bring a skateboard along for the mission.  Down below it was still crowded, but the roads in between the buildings were almost barren on ground level.

The strangest part about this crowded world, though, was the Heartless. It was packed to the brim with them, his keyblade constantly humming under his fingertips from the dimension it slept and warning him of the large hoards all around. The only problem being, there were none to be seen, at least out in the open.  It wasn’t until Roxas started traveling the darkened allies that he found the walls lined with dark shadows and glowing eyes. He could hardly tell what kind of Heartless he was attacking for all the darkness around him, but he just melee’d some attacks and spells until the ally was only partially darkened and soft, glowing hearts were making their way to Kingdom Hearts.

It was the second day when Roxas had spoken his surprise aloud, again, finding an alleyway that was oddly empty.  Even his keyblade was quiet, which almost unnerved him. Were the Heartless backing off now that he had taken so many out? The outside streets were free of the beasts, but the alleyways were never so quiet.

Taking caution, and paying close attention to any warnings from his weapon, Roxas proceeded forward slowly on his skateboard, the wheels echoing loudly in the narrow space.  There was nothing but a tattered fence lining the back, some rotting boards, and a dumpster - nothing strange, and no Heartless.  He was about to turn around to see about getting into the higher spots of the city for exploring, when he noticed a pale contrast amongst the dingy rubble.  That couldn’t be …

It was. Poking from behind the garbage was a hand, palm flat and pointing up in a far-too-relaxed position to be one of the twitchy homeless people he had seen in the park.  So far, he hadn’t seen much of anyone in the alleyways, the Heartless likely getting to them first should anyone dare enter.  With a curious look, and a nervous gulp, the Nobody approached carefully, moving some garbage bags out of the way of whoever was there.

Moving the last bag, he almost jumped back in surprise when he was met with the sleeping face of a woman.  Her features were smooth, and still clean, making her look far out of place in such a dingy alley, beside a dumpster no less.  How was she even still alive here?  Was she alive? Roxas swallowed nervously - he had never seen a dead body before. When the Heartless attacked, the body always disappeared, leaving elsewhere to be awakened as a Nobody, or at least, that’s what he had learned in the castle.

"H-hello?" he said quietly, glancing around to see if anyone else where there. They lived on this crazy world so perhaps they would no what to do.  He had no idea how to tell if a person were dead or not, aside from breathing, and the girl wasn’t breathing.

"H-hey wake up," he tried again, nudging her shoulder gently. "Hey, c-can you hear me?" He shook her shoulder again, a feeling of tension rising in his stomach. He wasn’t sure what he should do if she didn’t wake up.

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"Just got back," Axel nodded, "The missions were pretty easy today, all re-con, no action.  You done for today too?"

"Yeah. I just had to collect hearts today, but luckily for me, I got swarmed by a bunch of Ice Cubes and was able to fill the quota in no time.  First time in a while that I’ve had this much free time. I don’t really know what to do, to be honest."

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//I went to go make tea in the kitchen but the light from outside is bothering me. So I make my way back to my room to grab my sunglasses and just whisper to the hallway “Be the Strider”

==> Roxas: Be the Strider

Hell. Fucking. Yes.


Well, that made sense, he supposed. Ven crossed his arms, tilting his head. 

"I think you win this one, then." He smiled sheepishly, shifting to lace his hands behind his head. "But I don’t know. The whole ‘not having a heart’ thing kind of confuses me. I think that somewhere deep down you might have one, but maybe you just haven’t found it yet."

Won? He wasn’t aware they were playing a game. His eyebrows were briefly drawn into a confused expression, but returned to a relaxed position when Ventus continued speaking.

"Maybe …" he trailed off for a moment, "No one knows how to tell me what a heart is or why it’s important other than being ‘whole’ so if I find it, I hope it’s obvious that I do.  I’m just happy as long as I get to stay with my friends.” He smiled at the thought, the color of a deep sunset flashing briefly beneath his eyelids from the thought of his favorite memory.


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Don’t know why I feel the need to apologize, but I do.

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» Early Morning


"Its too early for this shit… he does this to me on purpose…he enjoys this torturement." were the early morning grumbles that could be barely heard from the half asleep redhead that was currently walking in a diagonal line down the hallway as he proceeded towards the kitchen area, on the hunt for something to eat.

 Axel was assigned a early morning this time, and not the least bit excited about this. It interrupted with his schedule, and that was such a precious thing to the pyro; but of course it would. Of course there would be a mission this early, this was Saix’s way of getting back at Axel any time the mischievous redhead ever did something he didn’t like. So this was actually meant to be punishment on his behalf. 

But as Axel approached the kitchen, it was blocked off by no other than the reason as to why the pyro was even awake. With a scoff, Axel was informed, smugged like no other, that he would need to start his mission early that day, so he need to eat in the world of his mission, and not the kitchen. Yeah— this was definitely punishment.

With dropped shoulders, Axel opened up his own portal, dragging his boots through it and slowly made his way through the cordial, not really paying attention to where he was going as he wandered off in the direction, or so he thought, of his mission. 

The blond had ended up in a world he had never been to before, all quiet fields and small ponds.  When he had first arrived, there was a small cottage town on the horizon, but on his way there, his attention had been caught by a gathering of trees and the faint sound of running water.

That had been nearly an hour ago, not that the boy was even paying attention to the time as he sat against the trunk of a large tree and stared out at the river he had found.  His original intentions had been to find people, but as he stared out water as it flowed on, he realized that this was just as calming.

There were no Heartless in this world, or at least not enough for his keyblade to give him alarm, and for some reason that made Roxas happy.  He wasn’t sure why, as that meant he would never be sent here on any missions, but that also meant the quietness of the world wouldn’t be destroyed by the creatures.

He was just drifting off into sleep, to catch up on the missed time from his early morning nightmares, when his keyblade vibrated in whatever dimension it went to when it wasn’t in his hand. It was brief, but he looked up anyways and turned to look over at the way he came.  A Corridor of Darkness had just opened and he was on his feet in an instant, curious and a bit wary. Why would another Organization member be out here? Could it be the imposter?

There was a flash of red and his shoulders instantly relaxed.  While he was still wary around the redhead as he had not yet come up with a way to explain his distance over such a long time, he was glad that it was a familiar face and not a stranger.  He wasn’t even aware that he had turned away to sneak back off to the river when a fallen branch caught his foot and sent him falling to the ground with a loud grunt of disapproval.  He sighed. There was no way that the other had not heard him.

» Online

I feel a little nauseous, though, so I might end up either running to heave my guts or logging off completely to lay in the dark. :(  Not cool. 

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I’m pretty sure the congrats is for all those people checking if a URL is taken or not.



To be honest, that sounded pretty cool to Ventus. Even if it made little sense to him.

"Why do you believe them, though?" He tilted his head, looking him over. "If someone told me I didn’t have a heart, I wouldn’t believe them. Do you have any proof that you don’t have one?"

Why does he believe them? That’d an odd question. Roxas just figured that as other Nobodies, they would know.

"Well, I don’t really understand what a heart is so I don’t know if I have one or not. Other Nobodies have memories from before they lost their Hearts so they know what they’re missing. I … I don’t really.  So I don’t really have any proof if I do or don’t have one, I guess."

He raised his eyes in thought before looking at Ventus again. “Can you imagine what it would feel like to not have a heart?  To me, it’s kind of hard to imagine something I’ve never experienced so I have nothing to compare to, I guess.”


What an odd concept, he thought with a tilt of his head. But since Vanitas is the darkness pulled from my heart… I guess it could make sense.

The blonde pondered this for a moment before speaking, “Although I don’t understand the title ‘Nobody,’ I think it’s safe to say that it’s not entirely improbable that that could happen. Do you know anything more about Nobodies? I’d really like to learn about it.”

He smiled honestly, quite curious about this whole idea.

Roxas’ shoulders dropped in relief as he looked back up to the other boy.  

"Ah, there’s not much else I know, really. They just told me I’m a Nobody, Nobody’s don’t have hearts, and that we fight Heartless to try and get hearts, not that I really see why we need them. I feel just fine without one.”

"Oh, and I guess some of them have special powers? I don’t know if other people have them, but the other Nobodies can use control things like fire, water, electricity, and time."

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